Cycle Benefit Scheme

Save up to 42%* on the cost of a new bike & accessories!


The cycle benefits scheme gives you access to a Tax and NI Free salary sacrifice arrangement that gives you a super cost-effective way of getting a brand-new bike, cycling equipment or both.

You can save up to 42%* of the usual cost depending on the amount of tax and national insurance (NI) you usually pay and can use the bike for your journey to work (or part of it) and for leisure purposes - Lots more info in our  Frequently Asked Questions.

Examples - If you went to the shop buy a bike, helmet, lights and high vis and the cost was £200 then you pay £200!

If you get the same equipment via the cycle benefit scheme and earn less than £50270 it would cost £136 and if you earn over £50271 it would be £116 with the added benefit of being able to spread the cost.

The maximum value for your organisation is £3,000 with payments spread over 12 months.

Before Applying – Things to Consider!

·    You can include the cost of bike safety and accessories in the amount you choose to take so please make sure you include this in the value selected.

·   If your bike is on sale or on promotion, please speak to the store to reserve the bike this way you will secure the best price but also ensure you don’t need to cancel and reapply if the item is no longer available when your application is approved.

·    When ready to apply, you will need to have a payslip to hand as some information from this will be needed in the application. Please note Sodexo nor Halfords the benefits provider has visibility of your payslip, you will need to speak to HR for this type of query. 

·    Your application with be approved by your HR/Payroll team and once confirmed you will receive an email with details of how to use the letter of collection.

If you have any questions or need support with applying, please contact us on 01908 303498, email us on

You can shop in-store or online at Halfords, online via Tredz or via one of the Independent Local Stores we work with. 

If you’d like some help or advice on sourcing a particular bike call Halfords on 0345 504 6444 who are on hand to help.

Happy Cycling!

*at time of publication tax and NI rates :– lower rate 28%, higher rate 42%, additional rate 47%.
**at time of publication tax and NI rates for Scotland – higher rate 42% payable when earning above £43,663